The Seventh Salt (Suecia)

Presentada en la 2 edición del festival.

Categoría: Videodanza Internacional
Duración: 0:07:18.
Director: Virpi Pahkinen.
Producción: Emelie Bergbohm.
Dirección de Fotografía: José Figueroa.
Intérpretes: Fredrik Quiñones, Virpi Pahkinen.


The Seventh Salt is choreographer Virpi Pahkinen’s new dance film, filmed in a dramatic environment in Argentina’s Patagonia.

In the pink shimmering desert, dancer Fredrik Quiñones struggles in strong winds and is cast into his rite of passage.

The salt flat vibrates with other forms of life. The number seven represents personal sacrifice and the search for deeper meaning. The salt purifies, preserves, and shines with a new beginning.

Otros Festivales y Premios:

Swedish National Television
November 5, 2016